Monday, February 15, 2010


In conjunction with the Kindermusik curriculum – “Home Sweet Home” . The children are learning about Home -the different types of homes/houses as well as what we do in our homes. We will discuss different kinds of LOVE when talking about Valentine’s Day. Some of the vocabulary words they are learning are: robin, elevator, condo, country, mole, rug, lake, puddle, mudhole, garden stall, kernels, peanuts, dig, bath time, squeaky clean, clothesline, lost, found, hide, dust, rags, dirty, clean, wash, dry, rest. They are learning the meaning of these words, as well as hearing them in Spanish, and learning “Signs” using ASL. As always we concentrate on Physical movement and good nutrition
Some of the Action Concepts that they are learning are washing clothes, build, rest, clean up and opposites such as high/low – in/out. For the children that were here last year you can see their self confidence emerge as they have a better understanding of these concepts. They participate more in the discussion and action parts of our group time.
Parent Involvement: If you have opted to purchase the Home Materials, please use the Family Guide to extend their learning at home. I will include some additional suggestions on your Daily Report Sheets that the children bring home each day.
Dramatic Play will emphasize Taking care of our homes, & families and Building with blocks & Leggos.
Our “Letter of the Week this week is H. (other letters this month The shape month is heart, and the color is red. (as well as learning what happens when we mix red with other colors)
For Valentines Day our activity for preschoolers was making Kindness Coupon Books & the younger children made handprint hearts. This shows that we can give nonmaterial gifts to others. We talked about how we should show our kindness and love EVERYDAY not just certain times of the year.
Our Faith Building activities will focus on Sharing, The Bible Memory Verse we are learning is “The man with two tunics should share with him who has none. Luke 3:11 (NIV)
As always we will spend a good amount of time on Physical movement and good nutrition.Dental Health is our focus this month.

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