Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today was ABC Music & Me Day (2-4) Home Sweet Home Lesson 2 We experienced the different sounds that zig-zag blocks can make and how different kitchen utensils can make great instruments, we used measuring cups, large metal spoons, & serving tongs for our instrument play along today . Then we danced High & Low as our ears listened for the music to change.
Watch your email for this week's Take Home pages. Please visit the Kindemusik Blog to view what was learned in the 4-6 Moovin and Groovin class.

Today we had a review of the letter H. We traced the letter H with our fingers to give them practice on the correct way to write H h.
The paper that was sent home helps to reinforce the upper case and lower case H. Please have your child match the honey jar to the bee hive.

We talked about George Washington today.

Reminder Please send a letter H item tomorrow.

Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Cereal, Oranges, Milk
Lunch: Chicken tenders, Mac/Cheese, Mixed Vegetables, Applesauce, Milk
Snack: Yogurt, Graham crackers

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today we reviewed the numbers 1 2 3 4 …. Left & Right. On The papers that they brought home today – the children were asked to glue the shapes to their paper. The triangle and the rectangle were to go on the left and the circle and square were to go on the right. This also gave them a review of the shapes and colors as we worked with the right and left sides. They received a stamp on their hand today to remind them of their right hand. We always use our right hand on our hearts when saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Some of the things you can do at home when getting dressed or undressed always say now put on your right – your left shoe, sleeve, leg etc. By the time they get to Kindergarten their Teacher will be thrilled!
Today we introduced the letter H. and the h sound. Some of the items discussed -- heart, horn (ask them what Elvis did when Ms. Marianne blew the horn) :D) , hanger, hat, helmet, horse, house. The children helped read a letter H picture story today. While I read the words they said the name of the pictured object. I pointed to the words as I read the story the children were encouraged to do the same. Teaching them the left to right pattern of reading. Try this at home with them – they really enjoyed helping with the story. On Friday please send in an item that begins with the letter H. If you can’t find an item a picture or magazine clipping will do.

Today's Menu was:
Breakfast : Kix, banana, milk
Lunch: Pasta, Spaghetti Sauce, Meatballs, Peas, Oranges, Milk
Snack: Raisins, Pretzels,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Feb17th

We are all refreshed after our Long weekend and ready to get down to *business*

Today we were learning about left and right. The children each got a star on their right hand and had to tell me which foot was their right foot. Then they pointed to their (right) ear, eye, elbow, knee, etc. Then we repeated using the left. We tried mixing up the left and the right. The star on their hand was a reminder that – that was their right hand (side) We followed up this lesson with the Hokey Pokey. If you do this activity at home REMEMBER if you are facing them YOU have to reverse all the directions when you demonstrate. They will look at you and copy the side of the body you are using… your left side will be on their right when you are facing them. They do not yet grasp the concept of mirror image. The children love this song and will love doing this at home.

We reviewed the numbers 1,2,3,and 4. Using magnetic numerals the children count a group of objects from the counting tubs and choose the lid with the matching numeral for each tub.

To reinforce this activity at home. Your child can count groups of every day objects (crayons, cups, spoons, crackers, etc.) and match them with the written numeral.
Little helpful chores your child can help with will reinforce this as well. Children can help set the table and count out the place settings.

They are all doing great. Today Elizabeth and Maggie traded the toys that they each originally picked out, while I was making lunch. They are growing more independent every day!!! I am so proud of them. :-) They all began cleaning up their toys on the first *note* of the clean up song and transitioned into lunch time with ease!
Breakfast was – Pancakes, Apples, and milk
Fish, mixed vegetables, oranges, milk, and 12 grain bread was their Lunch today…
Graham crackers and purple cow for snack.
After Lunch they enjoyed a BOZ DVD which reinforced Letters. They learned that one of the letters in each of the characters names (GRACIE – BOZ – DREW) spelled out GOD!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Feb.12th

Today the Children were introduced the letter B. Upper Case & Lower Case the ba ba sound and some items that begin with the letter B. Today they traced the letters with their fingers. We also introduced the number 10. We counted out 10 tiny crackers for snack. In keeping with the Valentine Theme Our books today were The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse. These stories tell about the different types of love and some sacrifices (The Giving Tree) and unconditional love as in Mama Do you Love Me? This is a story full of extraordinary vocabulary words. The children heard new words such as Inuit (IN-oo-eet) which mean "the people" which is what most native Arctic people call themselves instead of what they are often referred to as -- Eskimos. We will read this story again... I can tell it is going to be one of their favorites!*** Mama, do you love me? Yes I do, Dear One. I'll love you till the stars turn to fish in the sky and the puffin howls at the moon.***
Today during ABC MUSIC & ME the children enjoyed turning spoons into musical instruments during Kitchen Commotion. This type of Instrument Exploration helps them to develop a steady beat - this skill is important in learning to use scissors and bouncing a ball.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today we had our Valentine's Day party. We made Valentine's for the parents & enjoyed home-made cookies compliments of Logan and his mommy (Megan). A fun day full of hearts and lots of love tucked in!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tues. Feb.10th

It was another busy day at HGCP. After our opening activities, the children spent some time counting teddy bear counters into groups of 7-8-9 there follow-up activity was the paper that they brought home today. It isn't important if the coloring was complete or not. The concept was to match the numeral to the section with objects that held that number of objects. The children are successful counting but are not yet able to match the numeral. This comes with time & practice - so please do not worry if your child does not recognize the numeral yet. Some of the ways that the children will be learning this is through play and everyday activities. Board games that require matching numerals to spaces counted for example. When they are counting it is important to encourage children to count from left to right. It not only keeps them from counting something twice it is another step toward developing their pre-reading skill.

Today we did another Hap Palmer music lesson. This one is called "Getting to Know Myself" The first song "feelings" involves showing different emotions and how we look when we feel, happy, sad, angry, we also practiced Sign for each emotion. The "Circle Game" helped the children to explore the concept of in & out of the circle, around the circle. Touch various body parts using our wrists ankles, neck, elbows, along with the more familiar body part names. They are not only learning the directional concepts the children are developing their Attention Skills. Today our creative project was making valentine animals from pipe cleaners. A new song that we are learning is "Will You be my Valentine" sung to the tune of Muffin Man. The children are doing this new one in ASL.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lincoln's Birthday & Over & Under

After our morning routine of Prayer, Pledge, Calendar, Weather, and names and addresses the children listened to a brief discussion about Abraham Lincoln. We discussed that it is his birthday this week and that he lived in a log cabin when he was young and that he grew up to be a leader of our country. The papers that they brought home will help you to further that discussion at home. The gluing of the pretzel sticks fosters eye hand coordination. Once again it is not important as to whether or not the pictures are colored, they are just a tool for you to open the discussion with you child.

Through the use of a "Hap Palmer" tape the children worked on some developmental skills. The Concept of over and under was further explored by gluing some pictures over and under a tree on the second PS sheet that they brought home today. . The activities on this tape develops focused listening which is a skill that their teachers will be VERY happy that they know. ( once they enter school.) :)

Our Bible Story today was John 1:4-7

Quiet time was at the regular time today. 12:30PM

B- Kix, apple slices, milk
L- Tuna & cheese on 12 grain bread, peaches, grape tomatoes, milk
Sn- bagel & cream cheese

Valentine's Party will be on Wednesday Feb. 11th

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