Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Feb17th

We are all refreshed after our Long weekend and ready to get down to *business*

Today we were learning about left and right. The children each got a star on their right hand and had to tell me which foot was their right foot. Then they pointed to their (right) ear, eye, elbow, knee, etc. Then we repeated using the left. We tried mixing up the left and the right. The star on their hand was a reminder that – that was their right hand (side) We followed up this lesson with the Hokey Pokey. If you do this activity at home REMEMBER if you are facing them YOU have to reverse all the directions when you demonstrate. They will look at you and copy the side of the body you are using… your left side will be on their right when you are facing them. They do not yet grasp the concept of mirror image. The children love this song and will love doing this at home.

We reviewed the numbers 1,2,3,and 4. Using magnetic numerals the children count a group of objects from the counting tubs and choose the lid with the matching numeral for each tub.

To reinforce this activity at home. Your child can count groups of every day objects (crayons, cups, spoons, crackers, etc.) and match them with the written numeral.
Little helpful chores your child can help with will reinforce this as well. Children can help set the table and count out the place settings.

They are all doing great. Today Elizabeth and Maggie traded the toys that they each originally picked out, while I was making lunch. They are growing more independent every day!!! I am so proud of them. :-) They all began cleaning up their toys on the first *note* of the clean up song and transitioned into lunch time with ease!
Breakfast was – Pancakes, Apples, and milk
Fish, mixed vegetables, oranges, milk, and 12 grain bread was their Lunch today…
Graham crackers and purple cow for snack.
After Lunch they enjoyed a BOZ DVD which reinforced Letters. They learned that one of the letters in each of the characters names (GRACIE – BOZ – DREW) spelled out GOD!

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