Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tues. Feb.10th

It was another busy day at HGCP. After our opening activities, the children spent some time counting teddy bear counters into groups of 7-8-9 there follow-up activity was the paper that they brought home today. It isn't important if the coloring was complete or not. The concept was to match the numeral to the section with objects that held that number of objects. The children are successful counting but are not yet able to match the numeral. This comes with time & practice - so please do not worry if your child does not recognize the numeral yet. Some of the ways that the children will be learning this is through play and everyday activities. Board games that require matching numerals to spaces counted for example. When they are counting it is important to encourage children to count from left to right. It not only keeps them from counting something twice it is another step toward developing their pre-reading skill.

Today we did another Hap Palmer music lesson. This one is called "Getting to Know Myself" The first song "feelings" involves showing different emotions and how we look when we feel, happy, sad, angry, we also practiced Sign for each emotion. The "Circle Game" helped the children to explore the concept of in & out of the circle, around the circle. Touch various body parts using our wrists ankles, neck, elbows, along with the more familiar body part names. They are not only learning the directional concepts the children are developing their Attention Skills. Today our creative project was making valentine animals from pipe cleaners. A new song that we are learning is "Will You be my Valentine" sung to the tune of Muffin Man. The children are doing this new one in ASL.

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