Monday, February 9, 2009

Lincoln's Birthday & Over & Under

After our morning routine of Prayer, Pledge, Calendar, Weather, and names and addresses the children listened to a brief discussion about Abraham Lincoln. We discussed that it is his birthday this week and that he lived in a log cabin when he was young and that he grew up to be a leader of our country. The papers that they brought home will help you to further that discussion at home. The gluing of the pretzel sticks fosters eye hand coordination. Once again it is not important as to whether or not the pictures are colored, they are just a tool for you to open the discussion with you child.

Through the use of a "Hap Palmer" tape the children worked on some developmental skills. The Concept of over and under was further explored by gluing some pictures over and under a tree on the second PS sheet that they brought home today. . The activities on this tape develops focused listening which is a skill that their teachers will be VERY happy that they know. ( once they enter school.) :)

Our Bible Story today was John 1:4-7

Quiet time was at the regular time today. 12:30PM

B- Kix, apple slices, milk
L- Tuna & cheese on 12 grain bread, peaches, grape tomatoes, milk
Sn- bagel & cream cheese

Valentine's Party will be on Wednesday Feb. 11th

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