Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Talk

There has been a buzzword Baby Sign in the current trend. What is so special about it? Study finds that babies are not born with a blank slate of their brains when it comes to language. Sign language enables infants to speak earlier than speech language in the early stage of physical development. There is nothing more mysterious than this. Perhaps one day everyone will be able to speak both vocally and manually -- a matter of choice.
Baby sign or baby talk is a concept and practice of communication (not a language per se) with hearing babies in sign language before they can first vocally speak. The underlying idea about "baby sign" is simply that babies are capable of coordinating their physical parts (hands, arms, etc.) earlier before they could coordinate their vocal system. Its approach is as practical and intuitive as real-life among native ASL parents who speak ASL to babies, in the same way as parents talking English to their babies.

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