Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Time!

We wait those long cold dreary months for the arrival of Summer. Well it's here and we find ourselves looking for fun things to do - INSIDE! :-(
With the heat index being in the triple digits this past week. We have had to go out very early and only for a short time. Except for Tuesday's when we had our Splash Day we were able to stay out longer. The children have been GREAT! They wait their turns on the "water slide" that would be our regular sliding board with me holding the hose over it.) Sliding into ball pit (re purposed the old children's swimming pool) Learning how things sink and float in the water table and shooting balls down the tunnel (cause and effect)The children used squirt bottles, cups, watering cans anything that would hold water to dunk their friends. Even the little (2 year old) got her squirts in! They all get along so well and I am proud of how they can extend activities & come up with different activities on their own.

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