Monday, April 6, 2009

March 30th - April 3

Dear Friends,
As you are aware this was a week that was to say the very least Heart-breaking for me. Although my thoughts were largely consumed with the recent Murder of my Cousin, I want you to know how BLESSED I felt, that God has me doing what I love to do caring for and teaching your children. He reminded me every day this week that the children are pure and innocent and although we are all born into sin. They can be led to a righteous path. By modeling what we do when faced with trials and tribulation that Satan puts before us. Our lessons this week focused on how we should treat one another. That we are all FAMILY and that love and respect is pleasing in God's eyes. That we need to honor and praise God in Good times as well as bad. We concluded the week's Bible Lesson of Palm Sunday with God Praying in the Garden. We discussed the many ways that we talk and how we communicate with one another - through shouting, whispering, and telephone, email, writing letters, etc. Their answers (as always) are precious and many times lifted my spirit and made me smile. We talked about Prayer - and how THAT is how we talk to God. Our Bible lesson for this coming month is GOD HEARS OUR PRAYERS. It is my hope that I can plant the seed in the children that they will Talk to God on a daily basis as they would talk to you to me and their friends. To remember that he is HERE not just "Out there" somewhere and we can praise him and talk to him about our day. To start each day with asking him to guide us in our words and deeds, so that we may do what is HIS will, not MY will.
Thank you for sharing your most precious gift from God our Father with me. They (and you)are a blessing to me! God Bless you at this most Holiest of all weeks.

In Jesus Name.
Ms. Marianne

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