Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where did April go?

Can there really only be one week left in April are we really entering the 5th month of the "New Year" already?
Although the Parent newsletter and your weekly notes give you some idea of what the children have been doing I want to tell you a little more about this month’s life lesson that they are learning.
The children have been busy learning about the environment around them. In the -- on the -- under the ground to quote a verse from our Kindermusik theme this month "Down on the Ground" Talking about GOD'S CREATION. Our featured story is the Listening Walk the children were encouraged not only to listen while on a walk but listen to the sounds at home, at play, and during Quiet Time
Each sound that they hear is a gift from GOD. Listening is a learned skill but Hearing - is a gift from GOD. I was so blessed to not only be born with my hearing but to be born of Deaf Parents where I needed to learn the skill of listening. I believe that I "listen" more than someone who were born to parents that have the sense of hearing. I enjoy going for Listening walks especially around Lake Scranton. I have not been physically able to do that in a long long time but I am confident that I will again. Each sound that I experience actually brings tears to my eyes that God used me to help my parents communicate in our society. As a child & a young adult I did not appreciate the gift as much as I do today. Now that both of them are gone, I use the gift to teach others the beautiful language that my Parents used all of their lives. The world was not so kind to them as it is now. There are laws and adaptive equipment that help the Deaf. Television that was once a silent box with fast moving programs can now be viewed and read. NOT an easy task still but brings much more meaning to the programs. Communication to a neighbor or a friend or relative no longer means that you have to wait to see the person or have someone make the call for you. You can do so by typing a TTY message or email. My parents did not have that luxury however they did have 4 children that were gifted with speech and hearing. We did our best to make they journey through life a little easier but looking back I wonder if I knew what I know now – did I do enough. Fortunately they both knew that they did not need their sense of hearing to communicate with Our Lord. They did that on a daily basis.
Today I am asking – are we using our GIFTS that our Heavenly Father gave us to the best of our ability? Are we reaching beyond our comfort zone to go the extra step to do his work? Are we using HIS gifts for good and not for selfish reasons. I pray that we all are doing what the Father asks of us. I believe that teaching the children sign language here at HGCP is a small part of my work here. If I can make a small impact on one or more of these tiny little lives -- who knows what GREAT work for the Deaf Culture that they can do one day? Or in the Hearing world as a person who has learned to "Listen" to the best of his or her ability.
Today take some time to sit in a quiet place – and listen for his voice. “Hear” what it is that he puts on your heart.

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