Friday, August 28, 2009

Is the Summer really at it's end? We had such fun the past few months. Playing, singing and dancing our days away.

September is the beginning of a new school year and that means back to group lessons and following the schedule.
Research shows that children do much better when they know what to expect and when. It helps them learn the concept of “time” As always Infants are fed and nap according to their individual needs and as they grow & develop are eased into a schedule. The new Schedule is at the end of this post.
We say hello to Emily Rose. Emily is going to be coming to HGCP beginning Sept. 9th. She brings her mommy Erica and Daddy Joe... Emily is the niece of “Tommy” who many of you know through pictures that I have in my kitchen. Tommy had touched my heart when he was enrolled here during my first year of private child care and for a couple of years after. He recently graduated from High School. His mom and I have kept in touch all of these years & I keep adding his picture to our Wall of Fame!
Emily’s mom Erica was in Day Care when I worked for Lackawanna County. That tells you that I have been "at this" for quite some time... I am very pleased & honored to welcome this family “back Home” to Our Child Care Family!

“Boz “ If you hear your child mention the name Boz or Gracie and Drew these are not new students here at HGCP :-) However they are a part of our time spent here. BOZ (the big green bear) will be ONE of the ways that the children will be learning about Jesus & Christian values. Your children will be learning many important concepts utilizing this Series.

Kindermusik As always - the children enrolled at HGCP enjoy the
Kindermusik Classes at no additional charge (except for the small cost of At Home Materials)
In addition Families that are enrolled at HGCP receive a discount on the evening or Saturday KM classes offered here.

Look for more Sign Language activities this year as we focus on more Vocabulary words, learn new songs, & stories and create special projects.

There are a limited amount of Full Time and Part Time openings available.
Day Care Opens 7:30 AM
Part Time openings ages 2-5 8:30- 11:00 Mon- - Wed. Fri. or Mon-Friday

New Fall Schedule
Morning Session 8:30 – 11:30
Breakfast – 8:00 Circle time
Calendar, Weather, Lesson .
Music & Movement
Lesson Follow Up Activity ,Outside Activity or Dramatic Play
Lunch - 11:30 – 12:00

Afternoon Session 12:30- 3:30PM
Free Play – (Fine Motor Activities)& Story Time
Quiet Time 1:00 –2:30
Snack - 2:45
Dismissal – 3:00-3:30

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