Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is the post for last week. Please let me know your thoughts on this (once a week vs. daily) . .
You can also read the weekly report of the ABC Music and Me on my Kindermusik blog
We focused on the color green and one of the Scripture verses pertaining to Green is in Genesis 1:30 “…I give every green plant for food.” God created all living things, which include plants, food and animals. God feeds all living things. We talked about how the grass is green (well it will be soon! ) ;)
Their Science project was mixing blue and yellow food coloring in a zippered plastic bag. Tipping it back and forth to see the colors blend and turn green.
Circle Time was guessing who was wearing something green. Naming some green vegetables.

We discussed Opposites : Rough & Smooth Using our sense of Touch we passed around a variety of objects and tried to guess which was rough and which was smooth.

Once of our project’s was making a Hat for St. Patrick’s Day. And a discussion about Leprechauns. The Letter R was our Focus. We also practiced making the sign for the letter R. This one is pretty easy for the children to do and remember.
Our story of Opal Oval was followed up with discussion about How God wants us to love one another and have that love continue and never end or stop. Just like an oval continues and never stops. God’s love for us never quits or ends. Romans 13:8 “… love one another, for He who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law”
We Made a “Pot of Gold” this was challenging as they still have to work on their fine motor skill before mastering this task. .
Children at this age love to use scissors but it can be challenging to work with a group of preschoolers and scissors. The songs and fingerplays that they do in Kindermusik Class, and the ASL they are learning are helping them develop their fine motor skills.
We will continue working these skills, and practicing the proper grasping technique.
(Placing thumb and middle and ring fingers in the handles of the scissors. Placing the index finger on the outside of the handle to stabilize the scissors and offer a better grip. Then, curl the pinky finger into the palm) Model the proper grasp for them. Teaching your kids to properly hold and use a pair of scissors helps develop the same muscles needed to correctly grasp a pencil.
We Closed the week with a Bible Story from Luke 15:3-7, John 10:1-16
THE LOST SHEEP. The children learned that Jesus was living on earth, he went everywhere teaching people about God. And how he often told people stories. They listened while I told the story about the Shepherd who had 100 sheep and lost 1. I ended the story with telling them how Jesus told us that he is like the good shepherd – He loves us. He doesn’t want any of us to wander away from him, just like our mommies and daddies would not us to wander away from them.

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