Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today was Kindermusik Day for 2-4 year olds. We welcomed a new student - Angelina & her mommy Vinnie. This was lesson 4 of Home Sweet Home. The weekly take home sheet will be sent via email.
Our Bible lessons are focusing on getting ready for Easter. Yesterday we did a "flannel board" story - "Jesus grows up" Although we don't know much about that period of time, we guessed at some of the things that Jesus may have done as a child. eg. Help Joseph with Carpentry, help Mary clean, played with other children.
Today the children made their own individual pizzas for lunch
Today's menu was:
Breakfast cereal,milk & tangerines (thanks to Elizabeth and her mommy for sending them in yesterday)
Lunch English Muffins, Mozzerella cheese, sauce, milk, peas, apple slices
Snack Cinnamon Graham Crackers (or as Elizabeth calls them - the sparkley ones) :-) milk
Please send in an item that begins with the letter R on Friday.

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